UCI-OC Alliance Members

The UCI-OC Alliance is comprised of business community leaders associated with various industries and professional and community organizations. It is through these diverse and wide-ranging connections in banking and finance, biotech, policy and government, education, healthcare, the arts, business and law sectors among others that help to shape and drive our strategic focus and mission forward.

Alliance members serve as ambassadors for UC Irvine Latino/a initiatives and programs, raising awareness and expanding engagement throughout Orange County and beyond. UCI-OC Alliance Campus Liaisons and Alliance members meet on a regular basis, and UCI-OC Alliance members are encouraged to share insights about enriching the campus Latino/a priorities, programs and events. Eligibility for membership is based on both a commitment to fortifying relations between the university and the community and potential contributions to campus priorities.

The UCI-OC Alliance Campus Liaisons are university leaders who provide vital connection to the programs at UC Irvine. With their professional experience, they ensure that the alliance is effective and stays aligned with university priorities.


UCI-OC Alliance Members

  • Monica Alfaro Welling '84
  • John Amador
  • Joel Ayala '89
  • Pamina Barkow '03, MBA '16
  • Roberto Basualdo
  • Juan Carlos Calcagno, Ph.D
  • Monique Daviss
  • Alex Esparza
  • Carlos Feliciano '06
  • Jason Fernandez
  • Fred Flores
  • Reuben Franco
  • Don Garcia
  • Juan Garcia
  • Evelyn Gonzalez '03
  • Monica Guillena
  • Arnold Gutierrez '90
  • Susie Lopez-Guerra, Ed.D.
  • Ivan Lugo
  • Ernest Miranda
  • Luis Morales
  • Fernando Niebla
  • Roger Nieves '93
  • Eloy Ortiz Oakley '96, MBA '99
  • Andy Paz '07
  • Jacqueline Patterson
  • Adalberto Quijada
  • Mario Rodriguez
  • Peter Rodriguez
  • Christina Roman
  • Javier Romo
  • Teresa Saldivar
  • Ruben Smith
  • Marilyn Sutton, Ph.D.
  • Hon. Yolanda Torres
  • John Tracy, Ph.D. '87
  • Sasha Tymkowicz
  • Ernie Vasquez
  • Hon. Gaddi Vasquez
  • Socorro Vasquez
  • Patricia Velasquez
  • Juan Carlos Velez
  • Peter Villegas
  • Luis Viso
  • Dean Yoost
  • Val Zavala

UCI-OC Alliance Campus Liaisons

    Special Advisor:
    Frances E Contreras, Ph.D.
    Dean & Professor
    School of Education
  • Elsa Bugarini Yocca
    Alumni Relations Manager
    UCI Alumni Relations
  • Maritza Salazar Campo, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Organization & Management
    Paul Merage School of Business
  • Belinda Campos, Ph.D.
    Professor, Chicano/Latino Studies, PRIME-LC, and Psychological Science
  • Kara Correa
    Executive Director, Scholarship Programs
    University Advancement
  • Adelí Durón
    Director, Latinx Resource Center
    Student Life & Leadership
  • Edgar J. Dormitorio '97
    Chief of Staff & Assistant Vice Chancellor
    Student Affairs
  • Andrea Mora
    Director, Basic Needs Center
    Student Life & Leadership
  • Goran Matijasevic, Ph.D.
    Executive Director
    UCI Chief Exective Roundtable
  • Jose Mayorga, M.D.
    Executive Director, Executive Medical Director, Family Health Center, FQHC
  • Neda Moayedi
    SAGE Scholars
  • Alessandra Pantano, Ph.D.
    Professor of Teaching
  • Leigh Poirier
    Director of Strategic Services and Operations
    Divion of Career Pathways
  • Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio, Ph.D.
    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Partnerships
    Center for Educational Partnerships
  • Alberto P. Sandoval
    Assistant Vice Chancellor
    Community & Government Relations
  • Burt Alvaro Slusher
    Assistant Dean, MBA and Specialty Masters Program
    Paul Merage School of Business
  • Jennifer Smith
    Executive Director of Development, Provost Initiatives
    University Advancement and Alumni Relations
  • Charles Vega, M.D.
    Clinical Professor
    Family Medicine
  • Nereida Vincent
    Assistant Director, Donor Stewardship
    University Advancement

Corporate Partners

Interested in becoming a supporter or corporate partner? Contact Maria Cervantes, executive director, at maria.cervantes@uci.edu or 949-824-8381.